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Matala Self-Weighted Bases for Air Disc Diffusers


Matala Bases for Air Disc Diffusers were specifically designed for use with Matala Air Disc Diffusers. These top-quality units are available in single and dual models to suit your specific needs. These quality units are the perfect choice for keeping air discs safely mounted to your pond bottom and help to ensure maximum aeration for your pond or water garden. These units connect to standard 5/8" tubing, which is the same tubing used by most air pumps.


Item # Description Price Points  
AD-9 Matala 9-inch Air Disc Diffuser Was $36.00$32.00 30 Add to Cart
MDB11 Matala Diffuser Base 1 w/9-inch Air Disc Was $82.80$72.00 70 Ships 4 Free
MDB22 Matala Air Diffuser Base 2 w/2 9-inch Air Discs Was $149.50$130.00 100 Ships 4 Free
MDB24 Matala Diffuser Base 2 w/4 9-inch Air Discs Was $228.85$199.00 100 Ships 4 Free
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