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Atlantic Water Gardens Tital Wave 2 Submersible Pond Pumps


Atlantic Tital Wave 2 Pumps are asynchronous pumps which deliver professional-grade performance. These quality pumps are the perfect choice for both pond and waterfall applications. Tital Wave 2 Pumps also deliver high-volumes with direct-drive performance and magnetic-drive efficiency.


  • High efficiency in a compact size
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient
  • 2 year warranty (see terms & conditions)
  • Safe for fish, contains no oil


ModelMax. WattsOutletInletGPH at a total head pressure of:Shut
TW12001101.5" FIPT1.5" MIPT12901080720180--16'
TW19001301.5" FIPT1.5" MIPT19001440900360--18'
TW24001751.5" FIPT1.5" MIPT24001950139082522022'
TW37003551.5" FIPT2" MIPT373030102230142566024'
TW48004251.5" FIPT2" MIPT4800400031402228126027'
TW60004952" FIPT2" MIPT6000540040503000193029'
Item # Description Price Points  
TW1200 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW1200 Pump Was $170.49$154.99 100 Ships 4 Free
TW1900 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW1900 Pump Was $197.99$179.99 100 Ships 4 Free
TW2400 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW2400 Pump Was $225.49$204.99 200 Ships 4 Free
TW3700 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW3700 Pump Was $395.99$359.99 300 Ships 4 Free
C00368 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW4800 Pump Was $439.99$399.99 400 Ships 4 Free
TW6000 Atlantic Tital Wave 2 TW6000 Pump Was $472.99$429.99 400 Ships 4 Free
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