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MaxPro Hercules Pond Filter Bundles


MaxPro Hercules Professional Pond Filtration Packages include an energy saving MaxPro Hercules Series Pond Pump, MaxPro Professional Bead Filter, and Stainless Steel UV Clarifier in one complete package. These economical pond filtration packages take all the guesswork out of purchasing components separately and also allow you to purchase components at a discounted price compared to purchasing these quality products separately.

MaxPro Hercules Pond Pumps are professional grade self-priming external pumps specifically engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability with the lowest possible energy consumption. Offering whisper quiet operation, these economical in-line pumps are an ideal choice for use in residential fish ponds, planted water gardens and commercial water features. Hercules Pumps are also ideal for use with MaxPro Filters and other professional pond bead filter systems. When you compare actual flow rates and energy used to competitor pumps on the market today, MaxPro Hercules Pumps are in a class of their own! Manufactured with pride right here in the USA and covered by an exclusive 3 year MaxPro Plus Service Warranty, these durable workhorse energy saving pumps are built to last. Offering exceptional value, MaxPro Pumps are truly the professional’s choice.

MaxPro Professional Bead Filters are designed to provide complete biological and mechanical filtration for Koi ponds and water gardens up to 20,000 gallons. Featuring proprietary "tornado backwashing," these top quality Koi pond filtration systems are an excellent value. MaxPro Filters are specifically designed to be used in tandem with MaxPro Pumps and today's energy efficient external pumps.

MaxPro Ultraviolet Clarifiers are constructed of durable stainless steel. These durable professional grade UV sterilizers can effectively eradicate "pea soup" green water and algae blooms in your pond or water garden. Available in three models -- 40 watt, 55 watt and 75 watt, multiple units can also be run inline for extra large ponds. Attachments included allow these units to easily connect to standard or flex 2" PVC pipe or flexible tubing commonly used by water garden enthusiasts. Features a 3" housing for maximum flow rates. Ultra efficient UV lamp designed to last 9,000 hours.

  • Energy efficient MaxPro Hercules Series Pond Pump
  • Commercial grade MaxPro Professional Bead Filter
  • Professional grade stainless steel UV clarifier
  • All equipment properly sized for optimal performance




MaxPro Hercules 4000 Pond PackageMPH6000MaxPro 4000Stainless Steel 40 Watt


MaxPro Hercules 6000 Pond PackageMPH8000MaxPro 6000Stainless Steel 55 Watt


MaxPro Hercules 10000 Pond PackageMPH9500MaxPro 10000Stainless Steel 75 Watt


MaxPro Hercules 20000 Pond PackageMPH10500MaxPro 20000Stainless Steel 75 Watt
Item # Description Price Points  
MPHHPP4000 MaxPro Hercules 4000 Professional Pond Package Was $1,954.21$1,699.95 1700 Ships 4 Free
MPHPP6000 MaxPro Hercules 6000 Professional Pond Package Was $2,616.96$2,299.95 2300 Ships 4 Free
MPHHPP10000 MaxPro Hercules 10000 Professional Pond Package Was $3,183.46$2,799.95 2800 Ships 4 Free
MPHPP20000 MaxPro Hercules 20000 Professional Pond Package Was $3,579.46$3,199.95 3200 Ships 4 Free
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