Alita Matala Aeration Kits for Ponds


Alita / Matala Aeration Kits are an excellent choice for any Koi pond or water garden. These quality aeration kits include everything you need to keep your pond well oxygenated year round and to keep your pond from freezing over during the cold winter months. These quality kits include an Alita Air Pump, self-sink air tubing, and Matala air disc with base. Alita Air Pumps offer outstanding reliability and are backed by a 3 year manufacturers warranty. The Matala Air Diffusers are the most innovative air diffusers ever, featuring the lowest back pressure in the market, adding less than 6 inches of water depth backpressure in addition with a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel to keep the diffuser in place. The Matala Air Diffusers can also be upgraded with 12" Diffuser Discs to nearly double the aeration of your pond, without the need to change any other equipment in the system. The kit includes an Alita air pump (40 or 80 LPM), 25 ft of weighted airline tubing, and matala air diffuser (single 9" or dual 9"). Air pumps are not submersible.


  • Alita 40 LPM or Alita 80 LPM linear air pump
  • Matala single 9" or double 9" air diffuser disc with base
  • 20' of 5/8" weighted airline tubing
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty


ModelAir PumpMax WattsPond SizeAi r Flow RateMatala DiffuserMax Pond Depth
AAK-40Alita AL-40 Air Pump461,000 - 6,000 Gallons40 LPMSingle 9"2' - 5'
AAK-80Alita AL-80 Air Pump854,000 - 12,000 Gallons80 LPMDual 9"2' - 5'
Item # Description Price Points  
AAK-40 Alita / Matala 40 LPM Aeration Kit Was $340.35$279.95 300 Ships 4 Free
AAK-80 Alita / Matala 80 LPM Aeration Kit Was $508.25$424.95 400 Ships 4 Free
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