Rocking Foam Waterfall Foam for Ponds


Rocking Foam is a minimal expanding foam for sealing cracks and crevices in streams and waterfalls and diverting waterflow. Minimal expanding foam. Better density for secure rock placement. Better control during application. Less waste – less foam to trim away. Patented dispersing trigger. Dispenses in any position (even upside-down!) Reusable system (system allows multiple uses from same can). Black color. Carbon used for the black color; not dye. Reduces ultraviolet deterioration of foam. Blends quickly with rocks and disappears behind flowing water. 100% safe for aquatic plants and animals. Non-toxic. Fish safe. 20 oz can is the right size for the job (no one uses just one 12 oz. can when creating a water feature). Better value – larger can allows lower unit cost.


  • Minimal expanding foam
  • Patented dispersing trigger
  • Black color
  • 100% Fish-Safe
  • 20oz. Can
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RF20 Rockin Foam - 20oz. Can Was $18.69$16.99 10 Add to Cart
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