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Sequence Power Primer Pond Pumps


Sequence® Power Primer Series
Accelerate your system with another self priming high speed power series configuration, utilizing ODP motor types. If you have application requiring self priming, immense flow, and high head pressure capabilities, this series is the solution for you. The Sequence® Power series is made for those demanding applications where the constraint for high pressure is not subject to negotiation!

Special features include an internal diffuser to allow for displacement of trapped air. This type of pump will continue to move water even when there is some air in the line.

The integrated strainer basket on all primer units helps protect the internal rotating parts of the pump from damage due to external debris being pulled into the pump. The simple cover allows for quick cleaning.



ModelWattsMax FlowMax Head
SEQ PRM-630014966300 GPH77'
SEQ PRM-810018078100 GPH81'
SEQ PRM-930022229300 GPH83'
Item # Description Price Points  
6300PMR77 Sequence Power Primer Series 6300 GPH Pump Was $1,407.00$1,195.95 1100 Ships 4 Free
9300PMR83 Sequence Power Primer Series 9300 GPH Pump Was $1,461.00$1,241.85 1100 Ships 4 Free
8100PMR81 Sequence Power Primer Series 8100 GPH Pump Was $1,461.00$1,241.85 1100 Ships 4 Free
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