EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Filters


EasyPro waterfall filter boxes are the easiest to install of any similar style pond filter on the market today. Patented "Spliner Lock" system attaches liner securely and easily - no bolts, no silicone - no puncturing the liner.


  • Inlet bulk head fittings are pre-installed
  • Biological filter media is included
  • Easy, tool-free liner attachment
  • An excellent choice for the "do it yourselfer" ;with an easy, user friendly installation process


ModelDimensionsMax Flow RateMax Pond SizeInletWaterfall Opening
Tempo12 1/2" Diameter x 10" H850 gph600 Gallons  
Prelude20" L x 17" W x 14" H30 gpm / 18000 gph1000 Gallons1 1/4"13"
Sonata22" L x 25" W x 21" H50 gpm / 3000 gph1800 Gallons1 1/2"18"
Melody24" L x 25" W x 24" H70 gpm / 4200 gph3000 Gallons2"17"
Symphony37" L x 29" W x 34" H150 gpm / 9000 gph6000 Gallons2"34"


Item # Description Price Points  
CF1823K EasyPro Pro-Eco Series Filter Media Kit Was $49.99$44.99 40 Add to Cart
WF6E EasyPro Eco-Series Tempo Submersible Filter Was $49.99$44.99 40 Add to Cart
WF10E EasyPro Pro-Eco Prelude Filter Was $124.99$112.49 100 Ships 4 Free
WF18E EasyPro Eco-Series Sonata Filter Was $259.99$233.99 200 Ships 4 Free
WF29E EasyPro Eco-Series Melody Filter Was $354.99$319.49 300 Ships 4 Free
WF60E EasyPro Eco-Series Symphony Filter Was $579.99$521.99 500 Ships 4 Free
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